Sic Bo and Pai Gow Guide

You might not have heard about this game. But this game has been making waves in some casinos today. The twist and excitement of Sic Bo and Pai Gow made it one of the most played games especially by Asians, where this game was so popular. Although it originated in an English game called Chuck-A-Luck, Sic Bo has been taken over by Asians and finally a popular game of players in the Vegas of the East, Macau are played.

For those who are not familiar yet with the game, that’s how the game is played. A table set that is played exclusively for this game. The table shows the odds, the player could bet. And the nice thing about this game is that it is just that simple. You need to guess only the result of the three dice on the table. If you win, you can multiply your money on, how much you earn. There is also a big chance that you get your bet back for certain combinations.

How is the game played?

So, it is before you can delight in this game important to you at the same time, how to get the rules of the game and your chances. First, it is good to know about the object of the game that need to reach you. Well, that’s the goal, to guess the combinations and at the same time, there are rules to be observed. In addition, there are a variety of ways to put the game. It is not only a single phase game, but wager with a number of betting against. And this will give you a variety of ways to play the game.

And here’s how the games can be played. First, you need, what kind of odds you bet select. Remember though, this is not just a game that is played in a single dimension. This game has many chances decisions in a game; You can gain a lot. For sure, this is something that you are in a game, the chance to win the look for a lot of money in one shot.

With regard to the missions you have to choose seven types of bets. This is exciting because many chances can be made. You can find several types of bets to bet depending on the house rules, as some of the casino houses would not allow it. But if you bet in multiple bets, the odds of winning a lot is high as you gain opportunities. Here are the seven stakes you bet in the game.

First Wager – Guess Me 1-6

The first bet that can be played in this game is to guess what number the dice, 1-6, will come. In this type of bet, you must have the number that arise bet 1-6. Since there are three dice on the table, the chances of the guess are high. So, here is what will happen. Suppose you have for the number 4 that will come bet. If a dice come with 4, then you will place your bet.

If two dice come up with four, then you will receive double your bet. And if three to four dice will come, you will triple your bet. To calculate them, you have 50% chances of getting back your money. And from that, you will also be much better if they are doubled or tripled. In this way you will be able to provide a number of ways to increase your money just by betting on this type of bet alone. And that’s just part of it. You do not have to go a lot of bets.

Secondly Wager – power of two combinations

In this type of bet, you two guess two combinations of numbers from 1 -. 6 And the best part is that you get six times your stake if you get it right. Of course, there are a number of combinations between which is up 15 So, here is how the bet played. Take bet the combination of 2-4. If the dice led to 1-2-4, you will get a 6-times your bet, as your combination comes. And with 15 combinations to bet that’s not so easy to play on. However, you have a chance to straighten it out as you count to a cube that could give you the result. The other is dying to work as a placeholder in a case to come to your combination and the other not. So, pray for this happiness that the other could die wanted to have the desired result to be delivered.

Third Wager – Wish me luck 4-17

Another type of bet you guessed bet in this game is the total number of this total are the dice. This is a very special case, because the chances are very high. Well, here’s how it works. From 4-17, you have a chance to get that figure will sum up the face of the cube. In this game you can increase your chances are 1 to 14. However, you will be tempted because of the payout each number will let you play the odds are. For the choice of numbers 4 and 17, you are very beautiful, the proceeds from the 60-times your bet.

This is due to the fact that there is one of these combinations of numbers, which is to have the lowest probability. For the numbers 5 and 17, your bet is to get 20 times the bet. It will be 18 times the number 15 and 6, 12 times for the numbers 7 and 14, 8 times for the numbers 8 and 13, and 6 times for numbers 9-13. The excitement of playing is the bet that you have a chance to get a better odd. The more risky or least likely it will lead, the higher the pay-off.

Fourth Wager – Large or Small

Here is a simple way to make it easier to make a bet for you, for Sicbo. If you do not like to bet on such combinations, you can lose the less chances to score in large or small. All you need to do is to bet, if the result might be big or small. Numbers 4 to 10 is considered to be small numbers, and numbers 11 to 17 are regarded as major figures. Now this could be very simple, but there is a catch. If there is a triple number, which can be displayed, you will get nothing. The chances are 40 to 60, as a chance to lose your bet when triple numbers could have resulted in the rolls of the dice.

Fifth Wager – Double Trouble

In this type of bet, you have to guess what numbers come in double figure. This means that you only have to choose from 1 -6, and you will be 11 times what to get the number you bet on. So, here is a small example of how this bet works. Suppose you dial the number 2, if the dice lead to 2-1-2, then you will be your result. This is very exciting because you play 1-6 chances be double. However, you will not get anything if your double combination is not displayed.

Sixth Wager – Lucky Triplets

Well, here’s an odd that will blow your mind. All you need to do is to guess when the triplets will come. Well, the chances of triplets at birth so little that they occur only once in a thousand birth. This goes the same with happiness triplets. All you have to do is think if a triplet will result, and you will be 25 times the bet you have placed in the game. So this looks so simple? But when you come to think about the chances of three ways are so small.

Seventh Wager – One in a Million Triples

Here’s something that may excite you if you bet that bet. You will select 1-6, which will result in triplicate. Suppose you choose one, then you should come in the form of a result of the following number, 1-1-1. And surprisingly, the chances are great because the bets on one number will give you a humungous return of 180 times your bet. Of course, this is something that you have to wait, as it occurs only once in a million pieces. So if you think that luck is on your side, this bet you will be instantly rich.

Many odds

The exciting part of this game is the chance to win it in many ways. This means that your bets is not limited to a certain type of wager. You can have different types of bet. This just shows how this game was so popular and has become one of the most played games not only in Asia but also in other casinos in the world.