Casino War Guide


Appy Discovery – Casino war is perhaps the simplest of the casino game. It is reminiscent of a children’s card game where each player a card pits against the other. The card with the highest value wins. The cards are valued at their nominal value, with a two lowest and ace being the highest. It is usually played with one to six standard 52-card decks and online, the decks are shuffled after each hand.
How to Play Casino War

Both the dealer and player one card and who receives the highest value card wins the hand. The suits of the cards do not matter. The player receives even money on their use, if she wins.
Ties and Going to War

If the dealer and player will receive two cards with the same value, the player may choose to surrender and forfeit half of their bet, ending the hand, or “go to war” with the dealer. When choosing to go to war against the dealer, the player has to double their bet. The dealer then “burns” three cards and deals each additional card for the player and dealer.

If the second player’s card is equal to or higher than the dealer, the player wins the game. The player is (does not double the bet) on the original bet only win even money. If the second card of the dealer wins, the player loses both the original bet and the raise.
Tie Side Bet

Players can also be an additional side bet that wins if the hand is dealt a tie. The most common side bet pays 10:1, but the grossly undervalued the chance of a tie and is clearly a “sucker bet” was developed to increase the house edge. For example, in a single deck game, the chance, the same card as the dealer is dealt three in 51, or 1 in 17
Tie Double Bonus

Some casinos offer a bonus if the player wins even money on both the original bet and raise when the war came to a second tie. Microgaming casinos offer this bonus online.
Casino War house edge and optimal strategy

Apart from the tie wager side, the house edge in Casino War to the player with admit to half their bet on ties, or their bet is to be doubled in order to go to war and only receive money on the original bet, if they based win. Depending on the number of decks used, the house advantage when getting into the war is almost 3%, while still surrendering raises the house edge to around 3.7%. The difference is for the player to win the war, even if it a draw.

The optimal strategy to minimize losses in the casino war’s dead simple. You only need to know a few things:

Always in the war to a draw.
Never play the tie side bet.
If possible to play a game, the double-headed Bonus offers.

Playing Online Casino War

Casino War is very common in online casinos. As we mentioned earlier, probably playing the best casinos to be this game from Microgaming due to the double-head bonus, which supplies reduces the house edge. See below for some of the best casino bonuses available to allow the casino war game.