Casino Hold’em Handbook

Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Hold’em as is known, was introduced to casinos in 2000 by Stephen Au-Yeung. The game is now played in live casinos around the world, first appear in Egypt, Russia and South Africa. In 2002, the game at the International Casino Exhibition in London, UK, was shown on hold. It was licensed for use in the UK in 2007. This game is by Net Entertainment, Realtime Gaming, Playtech and Galewind software also offered at more than 500 online casinos.

Online, this game is based on the traditional multi-player Texas Hold’em, but in Casino Hold’em you play against the house against other players instead. If the dealer qualifies, you are in a straight contest with the dealer’s hand. The game features a AnteWin bonus and option to have a side bet and place.
How to play Casino Hold’em

The game starts with you (and all other players) make a bet and / or optional AA side bet. You and the dealer are then dealt two cards face down. Three community cards placed on the table, called the flop. After reviewing the cards you, you must decide whether you want to get out and lose your Ante bet, or call by an additional use double the size of the ante bet.

If you have called, the dealer will deal two more community cards on the board, a total of five cards. You and the dealer will then put together the best poker hand with five cards from the two cards for you and the five on the table. Your hand is then compared to the dealer.

The dealer must have at least a pair of fours or better to qualify.

If the dealer do not qualify the Ante bet pays according to the ante pay table and the call bet is a push (it’s not a win or lose).
If the dealer does qualify and your hand is stronger than the dealer pays the ante after the ante pay table and call bet pays 1:1.
If your hand is equal pushed all bets the dealer.

Casino Hold’em payouts

In Casino Hold’em, you not only win, a standard 1:01 sum, if you have the stronger hand, but for some hands you can even win more. The most common ante pay table is usually the following:

Royal Flush – 100:1
Straight Flush – 20.01 clock
Four of a Kind – 10.01 clock
Full House – 3:01
Flush – 02.01 clock

A side bet AA Bonus, based on the poker value of two cards of the player and the first three cards of the flop. It is worth the following:

Royal Flush – 100:1
Straight Flush – 50:1
Four of a Kind – 40:1
Full House – 30:1
Rinsing – 20.01 clock
Pair of aces on a straight – 07.01 clock

Casino Hold’em house advantage and the optimal strategy

The house on the edge, without the side bet is listed to 2:16% for the ante paytable above. Some casinos tweak the payout table slightly, but in general the game’s house advantage ranging from 2 to 2.4%.

Calculation of an optimal strategy for this game is very difficult, since the optimal decision based on the combination of all seven cards dealt is based. A computer can do the complex calculations for correct play, but it is difficult to make a number of general rules, as they are for blackjack. Unlike a regular game of Texas Hold’em poker, you should only be looking to fold the worst 18% of the hands – tight not win this game! The following rules support to:

Always lift up high with a pair, an ace or king.
Always raise with a flush draw or straight draw (gutshot ended or open).
Always raise with two overcards (ie your two cards are higher than the 3 visible on the board).
Lift with a Queen or Jack high, unless the board single suit and you do not have a matching suit.
Fold against a paired board (such as 559) if you, if you have a straight or a flush draw only a 10 high or worse.
Fold unpaired low cards (eg 73) that does not leave you with a chance at a straight or flush draw.