Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

If you are new to the world of online gambling, the range of choices on offer can be a little confusing and sometimes intimidating. In this sense, we have to facilitate a quick guide for beginners to prepare you to get started.

If you have not played online before I need not stress how important it is that you read and understand these instructions before you start playing. Unfortunately, they are out there – it could give you thousands in the long run by teaching you what to look for and how to avoid a scam store. If you insist, just dive in and play, then at least read our page of blacklisted casinos and make sure not have picked a lemon, or worse.
Is it safe?

This is the first question that everyone has and with good reason. Simply put, the answer is a qualified yes. Quality online casinos are regularly tested to ensure that their games fairly and organizations like eCOGRA have created accredit meet the rigorous standards of fairness and honesty to online casinos.

A word about licensing jurisdictions
Online casinos are usually due to a special jurisdiction which empowers, gambling, licensed customers. Not all countries are the same! We have extensive information about the most common legal license here, but to summarize: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and the UK at the top of the heap. Casinos from Antigua, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) Cyprus, Kahnawake, Malta and licensed vary, so check the reviews first licensed before the game in the casinos in these countries. Finally elsewhere is literally a crap shoot. Be especially careful of our Costa Rica, Belize, Panama or anywhere else, because it placed no controls on these operations basically all casino operation.

Here we come in – our extensive range of online casino reviews here at casino ads are an invaluable resource that you can use to separate the quality of the establishments from also-rans.
Explanation of Casino Bonuses

With hundreds of online casinos to choose from, it is a very competitive industry. So, in order to attract new players, the casinos offer a variety of incentives, such as casino bonuses for new players known to sign with them, or even more every month to play. What this basically means for you is that the casinos offer financial rewards (with a number of conditions, of course), just to gain your business. And there is nothing to protect you against to several casinos application, claiming multiple bonuses help to stop fatten your bankroll. In our beginner’s guide to casino bonuses, we detail the different types of bonuses and where and how to get them.
How it works?

For the most part, online casinos, you need to download some casino software and install it on your PC. The downloads are very fast in general, and at a size of 5 MB, it takes about the same time as downloading a song from iTunes for example. Many casinos also have a “no download” option that allows you to play from your web browser using a flash casino. While the term “no download” is a technical misnomer (it should be “no installation”), the option for Apple Mac and other non-PC users proves practical.
Is online gambling legal?

This varies from country to give to country and even within countries state. It is up to you to check that online gambling is legal in the jurisdiction that you live and for a person of your age.
Online casinos for U.S. players

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and (October 2006) it is illegal to transfer money from a U.S. finanical institution to an “illegal internet gambling” page. Unfortunately, there is no definition of an “illegal Internet gambling site” in U.S. law so that the law defines vague and poorly. Nevertheless, some online casinos to ban U.S. players from a limited set of states, other prohibit U.S. players completely. We have more information on state-by-state restrictions here: Is online gambling illegal in the U.S.?. Search for these flags next to the casino names in our place – we have all the casinos on the website, the American players accept further characterized.

Please note that we are not lawyers here at the casino ads, and the above is not legal advice. As always, when in doubt, consult an attorney in your own jurisdiction.
How can I make money?

Online casinos accept a wide variety of transfer options such as credit cards, bank transfers, electronic purse and businesses. The best option for non-US players to participate in a open an e-wallet account of the variety of online-banking organizations, the immediate transfers in and out of the online casino accounts in different currencies to facilitate. The best choice for non-US citizens is likely to Neteller or Skrill (Moneybookers aka). The beauty of having an e-wallet account that is separate from your credit card or bank account, and you only need your credit card information to a place instead of every different casino visit can provide.

Choice is limited rather for U.S. players. We recommend the use of prepaid debit cards to make payments. Casinos usually pay gains U.S. players by check, ACH, or wire transfer. We advise specifically to avoid U.S. players with an e-wallet due to the long hold times on redemptions and risk of their funds from seizures, as we have seen in the past in places like QuickTender and eWalletXpress.